About SVPR

About SVPR

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

SVPR Communications creates and executes public relations strategies that communicate the right message to connect its clients with the right audiences to drive real results.

Our creative English and Spanish language communications, media, and crisis management services deliver strategies and tactics to reach broad binational audiences and hard-to-reach communities
in efficient and culturally effective ways.

SVPR connects clients to community leaders and organizations to build relationships, trust, and coalitions that support its clients’ and community stakeholders’ shared goals. SVPR is built on the values of integrity, respect, fairness, and service to others, and always aspires to be exceptional. SVPR is an award-winning public relations firm, having been part of a team that won the 2019 California Association of Public Information Officers Award for Consultants-Supported Communications or Marketing Plans/Campaigns and the 2018 American Water Works Association Public Communications Achievement Award for Strategic and Comprehensive Outreach Campaign.

California Department of Transportation:

Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE)

State Minority Business Enterprise (SMBE)

State Women Business Enterprise (SWBE)

California Supplier Clearinghouse:

Woman/Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE)